What is Bergen Nerdschool?

Nerdschool is a series of workshop exercises teaching tools and techniques commonly used in real software development. If you are a budding programmer still at school, or just interested in learning some basic programming skills used by developers in real projects, join us! Nerdschool is run by professional developers and we are all looking forwards to seeing you!

When is it and what will I learn?

We aim for 10 - 12 workshops over a year, 5 - 6 per school semester. The subjects are discussed by the organizers before every semester to ensure the workshops are kept relevant and interesting. Some will be kept and repeated the next year, and some will be changed. Examples of subjects are JavaScript, Git, Bash/shell scripting, test driven development, clean code, SOLID, build & deploy (continuous deployment), and more. The goal is to fill the gap between what is learned in school and what you'll need when programming is your job.

Workshops are held on tuesdays every 2 weeks. It starts at 17:00 and ends at 20:30.

How do I sign up?

All our events are organized through Meetup, so please sign up and join us there.

Where is it?

We are located in Bergen, Norway. All sessions are held at Høyteknologisenteret, part of UiB. We usually start at 17:00 (and end at 20:30), and if you don't have access to the building, there will be a number on the door with a number you can call and we'll open for you. You don't have to be a student to participate.

Who are the organizers?

All organizers are professional software developers with a passion and deep knowledge of the craft. We want everyone to be as enthustiastic about programming as we are, and we know that there is a steep and daunting learning curve when starting out. That's why we want to show you what we wish we had learned between school and starting our careers.

Siv Hollup

Siv (@sivmhollup on Twitter) is a developer and works as a consultant at Bouvet Bergen. Work favourites include designing elegant code and deleting stuff that isn't absolutely necessary. She works mostly with Java, Javascript, R and Python, knows Linux and bash shellscripting. Siv enjoys teaching and having discussions about software development and teaches whenever possible.

Eirik Årdal

Eirik is a consultant at Bouvet working primarily with the .NET and Microsoft stack, but has a passion for anything and everything software development and technology related. Mainly works with C# and JavaScript, but are always actively investigating other languages such as F#, Elixir, or Python. Is generally interested in code quality, design patterns, architecture, and best practices regarding the craft. Also interested in automation/devops, infrastructure, and generally tools that make life easier. Blogs at https://eirikardal.no

Erlend Røsjø

Erlend works as a consultant at Bouvet Bergen. Erlend is a full-stack web developer with a passion for functional programming.

Karina Ø. Haugen

Karina works as a consultant at Bouvet Bergen. She has a strong interest in good architecture, integration and code quality, and loves to discuss best practices in software development.

Marius Kalvø

Marius works as a consultant at Bouvet Bergen. He has a strong interest in most things involving technology. He enjoys tinkering with languages such as C#, Javascript/Typescript, Elixir and Python.

Christian Wallervand

Christian works as a web developer at Sbanken. He is a full stack developer with a passion for Javascript and everything fron-end related.

Karianne Berg

Karianne is an experienced developer, tech lead and architect. She is currently the head of the small web development company Rubynor, where she spends her time making life easier for people. Her primary programming language is Ruby, but she also has experience with Java.


Mail: nerdschoolbergen@gmail.com

Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Bergen-Nerdschool/

Twitter: @nerdskool

GitHub: Organizer team


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